New Twitter Design Layout

A few days ago, I logged in to one of my accounts on Twitter, and noticed something strange.  The design had changed.  It’s really quite an interesting change, as it lends itself to the social more than the previous design.  I really like it, even though it comes at the expense of the following images on the right hand side.  It’s a much more streamlined design with an easier flow.

Also gone are the Device Updates heading that has the SMS set up linked underneath, as well as the RSS feed link.  Those may yet be added to the new layout, but the SMS link was pretty redundant and could be served in the settings area.  The RSS feed link is one that I would like to see return, but I don’t know how functional it really was, or if its’ removal was due to a lack of use.

I also love the addition of Twitter Search to the layout, as well as the Trending Topics links.  Both are great time savers.

CSS Horizontal Menu

Currently, I’m trying to CSS a Horizontal Menu.  I know there are MANY MANY hundreds of tutorials out there, but this one is a funny one.  And should be really easy to figure out… but I have had this thing rolling around in my head for so long that I need to step back from it for a while.  That ever happen to you?  Anyway, here’s an image of the buttons.

You see, what I want it to do, is have each of the three buttons appear as the grey top bar does.  When you mouse-over one of the buttons, it should turn into one of the light green buttons, but only the button that you’re on.  When a button has been clicked, and you’re on the page, that button should remain in the “Active state.”

What I’ve been running into are things like: Only the text has the button in the background.  Only ONE of the mouseover images works, and it works across all three of the buttons (the right-side button appearing above, and not behind, all three of the links).

It’s kind of driving me insane, but I might figure it out soon.  Any suggestions?