Windows 7’s Seven Incredible New Features

Because of Adobe’s software upgrade policies, I’m sticking with Windows so I don’t have to purchase the whole of Adobe CS4 Ultimate for Mac.  Either way, I’ve been happy with Windows, regardless of the forward motion that the Mac OS has made since the release of OS X.

I’ve stuck with XP Pro, and have been anxiously awaiting the direction that was going to be taken with the next version of Windows.  Vista, we can all admit, was pretty much dead in the water, where Vista’s SP1 (first service pack) fixed most of the problems that were inherent there.

Now, Windows has released a list of many of the new features that will be found in Windows 7, which is supposedly releasing in the summer of 2009.  I must say, I wasn’t really expecting a lot, but some of these things are awesome and extremely exciting. Continue reading Windows 7’s Seven Incredible New Features