How to Sync Video at 48 kHz with Audio at 44.1 kHz with Adobe Premiere Pro

Problem: My video is 48000 Hz and I have a separate audio track at 44100 Hz that slowly moves out of sync with the video.

I’m working on editing a video of our Instructor Conference for ProTrainings.  The video is very long, and the audio and video are different speeds and yet run the same length. I’ve spent that last couple of days trying to figure out this problem, and I finally came across an explanation that worked for me.  So, now I’m going to share that solution with you.  We’ll start with the post that helped me to find the solution.  It was posted by someone called mpiper on the forums:

I am not sure what caused the problem, but here is a solution I have used for similar issues in the past. as long and the change is minor, no one will notice.

First, find a FRAME-ACCURATE marker on the video track at the start. Perhaps the start of the first word from the lead singer.

Then, find a second Frame-Accurate marker at the end of the video track.

Write down the EXACT time difference between the start and stop markers in minutes, seconds and frames.

Now, Find the exact same start and stop markers on the audio track.

Write down the exact time for it as well, also in minutes, seconds and frames.

Now, divide the time of video by the time of audio to see the difference. For a simple example: 5.25 minutes for video and 5.0 minutes for audio gives a difference of 1.05 or 5% longer video. (I normally convert everything into total frames and use 9440 / 8991 = 1.0499 for 5% change!)

With this difference, change the speed of the audio (or video) by that percentage so they are exactly the same length. Now you have a match!

With Premiere Pro, you can stretch and shrink time on audio and there is a checkmark to maintain pitch, so everything sounds perfect.

Solution: Now I’ll explain exactly how to do this with Adobe Premiere Pro.

The first thing that I did was I took the 44.1 kHz mp3 files into Adobe Audition and resampled them to 48000 kHz wav files.  I’m not sure how necessary this step turned out to be, because it didn’t alter the speed of the vocals in the video at all, but when I accomplished the sync, it was with the files I had made with this.

I made sure to line up the audio file with the audio that is in the video.  That’s given, but I figured it was worth mentioning for the sake of completion.

Quick Tip: When you are filming, if you can do so, I recommend using a clap board to mark the start of a shot, and if you regularly run into this issue, also do the same at the end of the shot before you stop all of the recording devices.  This can be very helpful in lining up the audio when using multiple cameras and recording audio separately.

Now, what we’re going to do is pretty simple.

First, start with the timecode, hold Control and click it until it becomes a solid number.  This is the frame number.

Next, we’re going to make sure that the frame number lines up on any and all audio tracks that you’re trying to line up, toward the beginning of the track, and put a marker there.  Make sure to write down the number of the frame that you have set the marker at.  In my case that is frame 16181.

After that, we’re going to head down to the end of the audio and video that you’ve lined up on the timeline.  Find a keyword or the clapboard marker on the timeline, toward the end of the files and mark each with a marker in the same way as before.  Take down each frame number.  In my case, these numbers were 66139 for the video’s audio timecode and 66163 for the separate audio file.

Next it’s time to do some simple math.

We’re going to subtract the first frame number from each of the second frame numbers.

66139 – 16181 = 49958

66163 – 16181 = 49982

That’s not a very big difference.  In fact, in my case it’s only 24 frames different, but that makes up nearly a second of audio.

We’re doing to divide the frames to get a percentage.

49982 / 49958 = 1.000480403538973

Important: Move the decimal two spaces to get the percentage: 100.0480403538973%

That means we have to change the speed of the separate audio file by 100.0480403538973%.  This will then appear as 100.05% if you look at it again.

Now the audio should be lined up between the video and the separate audio file.  On mine, after it all lined up, for whatever reason, I had to grab the end of it and stretch it all the way to the end, but everything stayed put and was perfectly aligned.

Now, play back your audio with all of the tracks turned on and marvel at the synchronized sound.  Turn off the audio tracks connected to the video, and leave the clean separate audio file, and you’re good to keep editing at will.

Let me know if you have any questions.  I hope this helps you as much as it’ll help me in the future when I run into this again.

Thanks to all of the people that attempted to give me a hand with this.

13. February 2012 by Paul Martin
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Amazon brings Textbooks to Kindle – Students can Buy or Rent

It’s happened. The beginning of the end of buying super expensive textbooks for college, that break your back and have little return on the investment when you no longer need them. That’s right: has Textbook Rentals for Kindle! It’s something that I’ve predicted for a long time, and now that it’s here, I can see it revolutionizing student life on campuses everywhere.

Kindle Textbooks

What do you think?

27. July 2011 by Paul Martin
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Say What?! – Android App translates Text Messages for Readability, Fun

Have you ever gotten a text message from someone and had trouble figuring out exactly what they are trying to say because it is written in internet lingo?  I certainly have, from time to time.  Reading messages written in short-hand like that can be about as time consuming as the time the sender didn’t take to write out their message in the first place.  Now there’s a solution: Say What?! is an application from developer Double Trouble that takes the poorly written text messages and translates them into legible messages that you can read.  Not only that, but you can have your own messages translated before you send them to your friends.

They have also developed a number of add-on translation packs, such as Pirate and Redneck.  One of the developers tells me that there are more packs to come.  The application is new to the Android Marketplace, and is sure to entertain you and your friends for hours.

I’m also told that in a future update to the application, you’ll be able to update your Facebook Status and Tweet from the app as well.

Get Say What?! today!

You can get the various expansion packs here:



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Book Recommendations: Crush It! by Gary Vaynerchuk

There’s a book that I have recommended to many people. I’ve also given a copy of it away. This book will inspire you to be the best at your passions that you can be.  It’s a phenomenal book that is a very fast read, and I am a slow reader.

Gary Vaynerchuk knows his stuff, as he has proven time and again.  The stories in the book will inspire you, and can apply to anything in all areas of life.

Reading this, you’ll learn the importance of blogging, and other social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter.

Every person I’ve recommended this book to has come back with a thousand ideas and wanting to talk about what they can do to build their personal brand, which is what the book is all about.

Get this book, read it, be inspired, and then Crush It!

06. March 2011 by Paul Martin
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Cutenews to WordPress Conversion – Part 2

I completely forgot to write about this a while ago. I figured I’d just give you a summary of what I did to convert one of my websites from Cutenews to WordPress. After having some success another way, I found the process to be much more difficult than I would have liked it to be.

Then I found something that I was surprised to find, but also very happy to find: FlatPress.

Cutenews, as you may know, works with flat files. Very quick for accessing data, and requires no database to do so.

FlatPress is the same, but also looks and works like WordPress (2.x).

What I did was found a conversion path from Cutenews to FlatPress. I believe it was a cutenews importer, and may have been built in to FlatPress.

Then I found a FlatPress to WordPress converter, and made sure to look at all of the data before I added it to the database. There were some times when the data may not have lined up with the new database, that would have caused a lot of problems. So as long as you are careful with it, you’ll have a shiny new database with all of your news, imported from Cutenews or even FlatPress if that was your system of choice.

To those using Cutenews.RU, sorry I don’t have a way to do that, and haven’t had to do that, but if you find a way to do it, feel free to comment about it.

Sorry about the lack of detail for what to look for.  I did the conversion a couple of years ago.  I’m pretty sure that it’s all still very possible.  In fact, it’s likely that more tutorials exist for how to move from one system to another at this point.

Previous Story: Cutenews to WordPress Conversion

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Building a Fan Community

I’m going to start writing entries on building a fan community.  Now, this site doesn’t get any traffic, but I’m hoping to change that with this guide.

If you happen to stumble here somehow, feel free to post questions about things you’re interested in learning about, regarding fan sites, communities, challenges and important things to do when you are starting a community today.

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Microsoft sets Windows 7 pricing, upgrade programs

Software maker will let consumers preorder Windows 7 at a big discount, while offering permanent prices at or below the retail prices for Windows Vista.

From Friday through July 11, consumers in the U.S. will be able to buy an upgrade copy of Windows 7 Home premium for $49 or Windows 7 Professional for $99. That offer is good for both XP and Windows Vista PCs, regardless of whether someone has been trying out the pre-release version of the operating system. That matches the details in a memo from Best Buy that leaked earlier this month.


When boxed copies of Windows 7 go on sale on October 22, Microsoft plans to charge $119 for Home Premium, $199 for Professional and $219 for Ultimate. The Home Premium upgrade is down $40 from the product’s original price, although the Vista product had already gotten a price cut along the way. The Professional and Ultimate versions are priced similar to where Microsoft was with Vista. The upgrade prices apply to those moving from a previous version of Windows to Windows 7, but only those from Windows Vista will be able to upgrade without doing a clean installation of the product.

The full versions of Windows 7–the editions for those without a copy of Windows–will be priced at $199 for Home Premium, $299 for Professional and $319 for Ultimate. The Ultimate and Professional editions are again on par with their Vista counterparts, while Home Premium is down from the $239 that Microsoft had charged with Vista. Microsoft also plans to offer the operating system in an easier-to-open box.

-via CNET

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Photoshop Fun: The Last Airbender’s Aang and Smallville’s Lex Luthor

Aang and Luthor

I didn’t spend a lot of time on this.  I meant to do more to match the lighting on Aang, but with limited time to land a joke, I just quickly threw this together.  The sources are the first picture of Aang from The Last Airbender, and a picture I found of Lex Luthor from Smallville.

26. May 2009 by Paul Martin
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Fast Help Finding Perfect Camcorder (Pan SD9?)

Okay, this has been an ongoing problem for me for about 3 weeks now.  I have a week left before we start shooting our videos, and need help ASAP.

I’ve been researching camcorders to fit the following specifications:

  • Less than $600 (Prefer around 500)
  • 3CCD
  • Great Picture Quality
  • Editable in Premiere CS4
  • Records to SDHC Memory Cards

This is for a series of youth group videos, and I was thinking of getting 2 when I thought I could spend about $400/ea. but research has been more than confusing, as people generally have so many various views of great cameras, and in certain budgets they compare a $600 camera to an obviously superior $1100 camera.  (Duh, the higher priced camera is going to be better… it’s nearly twice the price!)

I’m not looking for anything TERRIBLY high as all the videos will end up on YouTube and perhaps DVDs to give to the kids after the summer.  I also want something that’s slightly future-proof.

Anything from Panasonic? Canon?

I found the Panasonic HDC-SD9 that seems to fit the specifications, some reviews I’ve found have scared me a little.

Sony uses their own super expensive MemoryStick Pro cards… don’t know if that’s really within budget.

Anyone have some insight?  What would you do?

You can either comment here, or at, or at

02. May 2009 by Paul Martin
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Cutenews to WordPress Conversion


In my search to convert the flat file format of Cutenews over to the database driven WordPress, I came across a plugin that someone was creating.  This news transfer tool is called Other-Ext-WP.

I was pretty excited to find it, as I want to move two of my websites off of Cutenews and into the more secure database driven format.  It worked okay when I tried it out to see what it would do.  It did pull in the stories as well as some of the categories and the dates.

wordpress-logoHowever, there are a number of issues with the importing, however, that have been reported by others as well.

1) The Categories don’t transfer correctly.

2) The Full Story doesn’t transfer, just the short story field.

3) You can only attribute the stories to one user.

4) It strips out all mark-up.  In both stories and comments.

I’m not too worried about moving the uploaded pictures over, as that can be fixed later.  But I would love to have a working script to run that will properly convert things.

The latest WordPress version that the creator says that it works in is 2.3.1, so I tried that to see if it worked, and that’s where the issues came in.  The person developing it appears to have given up on the plugin, so I’m asking for anyone that has some spare time to help out if you can.

Continue Reading →

10. April 2009 by Paul Martin
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