Twila Paris – Where He Leads Me Music Video

Yesterday I put the finishing touches on this music video for Twila Paris’ 1995 song, “Where He Leads Me” from the album “My Utmost for His Highest.”

I was asked by Dr. David Denbraber to put together a video for the song, on Sunday evening.  I worked on it over three days with my only instructions being: use this song, he’ll be focusing on some key words from the song.

I spent some time looking through my pictures from World Youth Day (Sydney, Australia, 2008).  I started putting the pictures together, and then I worked on getting all of the lyrics in, and timed with the song.

I used Adobe After Effects CS3 for the entire project.

There are a few slight hiccups in the final video, but those are very miniscule and you’re probably not really paying as much attention to detail as I do.

6 thoughts on “Twila Paris – Where He Leads Me Music Video”

  1. hELlo!!! im gemmalyn and im here to watch ur vid. “Where he leads me”.
    aCtually, its one of my favorite christian song.

    and i cant find the lyrics and chords of tht song.

    can u help me?? if u hve those, pls. send it in my email.
    [email protected]. i really need those.

    thank you so much!! and god bless!!

    1. Hello! Thanks for watching the video! I hope that you enjoyed it. The thing of the video is that I could not find the lyrics either, so I had to type them out as I listened to the song.

  2. “Where He Leads Me” by Twila Paris

    There’s a great, broad road, through the meadow,
    And many travel there,
    But I have a gentle Shepherd,
    I would follow anywhere,
    Up a narrow path, Through the mountains,
    To the valley far below,
    To be ever in His presence,
    Where He leads me I will go.

    And there are many wondrous voices,
    Day and night they fill the air,
    But there is one so small and quiet,
    I would know it anywhere,
    In the city or in the wilderness,
    There’s a ringing crystal clear,
    And to be ever close beside Him,
    When He calls me I will hear.

    Where He leads me, I will follow,
    When He calls me I will hear.

    There is a great, broad road to nowhere,
    And so many travel there,
    But I have a gentle Shepherd,
    I would follow anywhere,
    Though the journey take me far away,
    From the place I call my home,
    To be ever in His presence,
    Where He leads me I will go.

  3. thank you so much for the lyrics Jodi.
    i’m about to sing in church and i lost mine,
    and these are the only lyrics on the internet!
    i’ve got less than an hour before church starts.
    thank you so much! you saved my life!

  4. Paul,

    Is this video still available? It is not on the site as I view it.

    Is it possible to send it via my email address?

    I would like to use it in a service next week.


  5. What a hoot. I have spent the last hour looking for the lyrics to this song and couldn’t find them anywhere.

    Thanks for posting them! I’m glad I “stumbled” onto this site!

    Peace and Blessings!

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